Artist Bio

I took an interest in the arts at a very early age, beginning to draw as soon as I could hold a crayon. By the time I entered high school I had already earned a reputation with students and teachers for my ability to draw with photographic precision. From there, my artistic career evolved and branched off in many directions. While I’ve always enjoyed looking at beautiful photos, I did not discover my love for capturing┬áthem myself until college.

Aside from a class I took about camera functions and darkroom basics for black and white film photography, I lack any formal training and am entirely self-taught. I’ve always held that one cannot learn how to be creative; you either are, or you aren’t. And I believe the best way to grow as an artist is by exploring and experimenting – not sitting in a classroom and taking exams.

I love landscape photography because I love nature, and I want to draw people’s attention to its beauty so that perhaps they’ll rethink lifestyle choices that are contributing to the destruction of our beautiful planet. There are far too few people with respect and admiration for nature. Our existence in the cosmos was born out of chaos and stardust, and I feel it is a privilege just to know that. We should all learn to better cherish and respect the earth before it’s too late.

The universe is dangerously beautiful. Have a lovely adventure.