It seems there are more artists than creative people these days. I have noticed a trend that’s been growing steadily for years: the idea that anyone with Photoshop and a DSLR camera can be a graphic designer or photographer. I want to debunk that notion.

Creativity is not something that can be taught or learned; you either have it or you don’t. If you lack creative vision, all the training in the world will not make you a good designer, photographer, painter, or other type of creative artist. It’s creativity that makes someone a true artist – not the materials or equipment they use.

In some cases, non-creative people genuinely want to be artists. In others, though, art is either a cop-out for an inept human being or a gateway to what they actually desire. Look at the world of photography, for example – it’s saturated with absolute creeps who are trying to use “art” as an excuse to get women naked in front of the camera. One need only browse ModelMayhem.com for photographers to see a disturbing number of gross old men who specialize in “artistic” nude photography.

One thing I’ve noticed about these horribly-talentless fauxtographers is that they usually have lots of expensive camera equipment. Why? Well, for one, it makes them look more professional and legit. It also serves as a means to their deviant ends: trashy nude photos for their personal collection. They also almost always have a powerful telephoto lens (I’m talking 400mm+). The reason for that should be obvious.

Not only are the photos from these really terrible fauxtographers trashy, but the quality of the final edits is always awful as well. I have no problem with artistic nude photos, artistic being the operative word there. I’ve seen many a beautiful artistic nude photo that is tasteful and elegant. The work of fauxtographers is neither tasteful nor elegant. These fauxtographers are not artists, because they lack creative vision. Give me a point-n-shoot and I can produce a better photo than these guys can get with their $10,000+ bundle of camera equipment.

Fancy camera equipment is nice to have, but it won’t make you a better artist or photographer. Creativity, vision, and technique are everything in the world of art. Without them, your work is hopeless.

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