An edition of The Damning of Lilith will be featured in the 2012 annual Scorned Lovers art show at The Art Salon in the City Park West neighborhood of Denver, CO. The main event will take place the evening of Saturday, February 11, 2012.

For singles, exes and the unattached, Valentine’s Day can be the holiday equivalent of poison ivy, particularly with its relentless commercial buildup.

Well, unrequited lovers, meet artist Jennifer Mosquera, owner of Denver’s Art Salon. Not only does she feel your pain, but she has just the antidote: the Scorned Lovers Valentines Workshop tonight at the Art Salon, 2219 E. 21st Ave.

From the Denver Post on last year’s show. Read more: Denver’s Art Salon helps spurned lovers put a barb on Valentine’s Day cards – The Denver